Founder Dinxx in Dutch rowing magazines

The designer behind the Dinxx, Dick Ubbink, was featured in december in the Dutch magazine “ROEIEN” and the magazine “De Maand van Hemus”.

The dutch magazine “ROEIEN” gives a peak behind the scene of designer Dick Ubbink. In his interview Dick explains how he was introduced in the rowing scene. Inspired by one of his daughters who started rowing at Saurus in Maastricht, he soon found his own way to a boathouse and started rowing himself.

In the club magazine “De Maand van Hemus” Dick Ubbink tells how he designed the Dinxx slings. В In this article he gives a sneak peak in the way he thought out en tested several ideas and combined casino spiele them to the eventual innovative design which we use today.

The magazine “ROEIEN” is the only Dutch rowing magazine and is published every month. “ROEIEN” is an official publication of the Dutch Rowing Federation (KNRB). The club magazine “De Maand van Hemus” is a bi-monthly magazine of the Dutch rowing club Hemus.

Click here to see the article in “ROEIEN”.

Click here to see the article in “De Maand van Hemus”.

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