About Dinxx

The Dinxx slings were designed by Dick Ubbink. The slings are a culmination of effort and experience resulting from a broad career in the world of construction. Having held various positions in architecture, building engineering, manufacturing and commercial real estate development combined with a passion for rowing, the slings were a natural consequence.

Never stopping to learn, Business Administration was pursued at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Shortly after, Dick graduated in Management of Marketing and Innovation.

This passion for innovation was applied to the rowing sport. Besides his private life and the sport itself, Dick devotes his attention to the development and marketing of products that make rowing more professional and contribute to the sport.

Prize winning

a reddot design award is an internationally recognised quality seal


The reddot design award is an internationally recognized quality label for excellence in design. With over 4.433 products from over 60 countries world wide, this is one of the most acclaimed international competitions in design. We are proud to say that in 2011, our slings won the award in the sports category beating a vast and talented competition. Dinxx was praised as an innovation for the rowing sport and was the first rowing-product ever that won the prestigious design prize.

Our slings provided an answer to several problems in rowing. By designing a solution for these problems and carefully selecting the right materials, Dinxx evolved in maturity to what we use today. A sling that is made to endure. Winning the reddot design award is a confirmation to an already strong believe that our slings are truly the best slings you will ever use.



Dinxx is not the only innovation by Dick Ubbink in the rowing sports. RowAnnex is the company behind these innovations. Apart from the Dinxx slings, RowAnnex is constantly innovating in various fields within the sport.

SwingRack and ZipRack are our latest innovative products. These revolutionary, dynamic and compact storage systems, helps you store your boats more efficiently in your boathouse and do save a lot of space.

Products from the RowAnnex product line guarantee a smart design, which makes you store your boats more
compact, safer and easier
than the existing alternatives. SwingRack and ZipRack are not yet available outside the Netherlands.


It truly is a great product

- Craig McAllister, Comm. Man., Hudson Boat Works, Canada

These are really the ultieme slings! Very reliable in quite strong winds. No risc for damaging your boats"

- Mark Emke, Haed Coach Dutch National Rowing Team

It feels good knowing we can rig our boat safe and stable on ony surface.

- Chantal Achterberg - Bronze medallist W8+ 2012 Olympics